Book sale finds

Nothing satisfies me more than carrying and arranging a stack of beautiful books, so library book sales rarely pass my attention. Maybe it is because the student in me has been forced into a possibly permanent vacation, but in any case I came away from my most recent sale with a gluttonous take.

I swept up Wallace Stevens' Selected Poems, Katharine Hepburn's The Making of The African Queen (with candid photos of Kate, Bogie, and Bacall), David Sedaris' Naked, Marcel Proust's Remembrance of Things Past, and Zadie Smith's On Beauty.

At the last minute, Oscar Levant's A Smattering of Ignorance joined my choices. I assumed it was by an English author, as the use of the word smattering reminds me of posh London-accented descriptions of complexly flavored main courses.

But, in fact, Oscar Levant is the honestly witty Pittsburgh native behind the piano in An American in Paris, who steals the show from Gene Kelly in multiple scenes. Knowing this, I am most excited to read his book.

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