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Love and Death

Planning my future.

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Geoffrey Rush

How I would love to see him in "Diary of a Madman." It's one of my favorite short stories, and he is such a spectacular actor. He knows how to put on the kind of spectacle necessary to personify existential madness.



Just moments ago it was the Amelia Fletcher hour on Twee As Punk. Are you sorry you missed it? Or do you want to experience most of it again? Here is the evidence of this evening of Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, and Tender Trap tunes. "Beatnik...Fireworks" is what the playlist is called:

1. ''Beatnik Boy" by Talulah Gosh
2. "Testcard Girl" by Talulah Gosh
4. ''Break Your Face" by Talulah Gosh
7. "P.U.N.K. Girl" by Heavenly
8. "Atta Girl" by Heavenly
10. "Space Manatee" by Heavenly
11. "Talking Backwards" by Tender Trap
12. "Ampersand" by Tender Trap
13. "Dead and Gone" by Tender Trap
14. "Dansette Dansette" by Tender Trap
15. "Fireworks" by Tender Trap



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The Muppet Show


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Twee As Punk

I am pleased to announce that this week's Twee As Punk (tomorrow, Friday, at 8pm on will concentrate on the many role of everyone's favorite twee songstress, Amelia Fletcher. Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, and Tender Trap are her bands of past and present, and all three will be played. Who couldn't love a girl who tapes "Hey Ho Let's Go" to her red guitar?


Evening film


As previously explained, tonight's Twee As Punk was curated to feature today's own twee-pop and post-punk bands. Frankie Rose and her crew (seen above) started the sweet playlist, "Little...Shackles," fully outlined below:

1. "Little Brown Haired Girls" by Frankie Rose & the Outs
2. "Dreaming" by Allo, Darlin'
3. "Sky Is Falling" by Sourpatch
4. "Should Have" by Cloud Nothings
5. "No Time, No Hope" by Times New Viking
7. "Wild 1" by The Babies
8. "Safe at Home" by Eternal Summers
9. "Always on My Mind" by Reading Rainbow
10. "Your Face Left Before You" by Buke and Gass
11. "China Steps" by Women
12. "Sharpen the Knife" by Explode into Colors
13. "Uncertain Memory" by Grass Widow
14. "Kudzu Girlfriend" by Standard Fare
15. "Bees" by Ty Segall
16. "Shake the Shackles" by Crystal Stilts

Proenza Schouler

I strongly think this is the best work they have ever done.

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3.1 Phillip Lim

This collection is clearly reminiscent of Dries Van Noten's sporty, loose lines and distinct colors.

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Twee As Punk

Tomorrow's (Friday's) Twee As Punk will focus on young bands of the here and now who are playing music tinted with twee-pop, post-punk, and early indie approaches. Cloud Nothings, Reading Rainbow, and Women (seen above) as well as many more lovely bands will be featured, sweet song after sweet song. Go to at 8pm tomorrow to listen to a batch of burgeoning bands that should be stirring up excitement.



Gasp. These girls keep refining their collections and composing them to encourage wearability. The wheat-trimmed, cloudy silks, collared dresses, and geometric-motif sweaters are idyllic. A butter-colored flared dress alluding to prairie life but then paired with black boots and matching tights makes me want to sing folk songs in a dark club. These clothes look like home, if I came from the Plains.

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Bogie and Bacall, Tracy and Hepburn

Maybe it is TCM's 31 Days of Oscars' effects on me, but lately Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall as well as Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn have enthralled me.

Violent Femmes

Marc Jacobs

Ridiculously good. Polka dots have never looked this gorgeously interesting. I see post-punk New Yorkers and chain-smoking Parisian painters. When the lights go down, this is the girl I long to become.

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