Twee As Punk has only just ended. This is the playlist that will keep you company until next Friday rolls along and more twee and post-punk melodies will be played in quick succession. The Apartments (seen above) started our show with obscure Australian post-punk goodness. Please enjoy, even though my song and band choices were often too obscure for YouTubers to recognize:

1. "Help" by The Apartments
2. "I Lose" by Girls Names
3. "You Win" by Brilliant Colors
4. "Completely and Utterly" by The Chesterfields
5. "We Can't Be Friends" by Black Tambourine
7. "Loop the Loop" by Young Marble Giants
8. "False Start" by Bikini Kill
10. "Music Is a Better Noise" by Essential Logic
11. "Life on the Line" by The Raincoats
12. "Anthrax" by Gang of Four
13. "Train from Kansas City" by Shop Assistants
14. "I Want a House" by Twin Sister

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