Twee As Punk is hereby initiated into the new year, although 2011 is no longer that new. The night's playlist has been logged; "Deep...Picasso" is its name, as the first and last song titles dictate. It begins with Secret Shine (seen above):

1. "Deep Thinker" by Secret Shine
2. "Dying for It (The Blues)" by The Vaselines
3. "Roses in the Park" by Liechtenstein
4. "Tiger Trap" by Beat Happening
5. "Three Days" by Phil Wilson
6. "You Killed a Boy for Me" by Henry's Dress
7. "Nothing to Be Done" by The Pastels
8. "I'm Not Coming Out Tonight" by Gigi
9. "Fireworks" by Aberdeen
10. "Hungry, So Angry" by Medium Medium
11. "Dust" by Love Is All
12. "Autonomy" by Buzzcocks
13. "Ping Pong Affair" by The Slits
14. "Pablo Picasso" by The Modern Lovers

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