3.1 Phillip Lim

Phillip Lim is my favorite fashion designer. I admit it now. This Pre-Fall 2011 collection has proven it. After a blog post signifying what I want high fashion to be in the form of a Seinfeld snapshotshrunken coats, layered sweaters and scarves, darkened neutrals, quiet audacityPhillip presents looks that mirror that resolute attitude.

While the collection is sizable, all the looks maintain this relaxed yet risky sophistication. Sharp shapes in beige-peach, pumpkin, and navy layer with cozy heather gray knits, taupe fur, and maple leather, animating what could have been outfits of lazy simplicity if not for Phillip's knack for spare American sportswear. Void of cheapening patterns, it is a curve of a hem, a clever weaving of fabrics, or a surprise fur cuff that revives a common shape with youthful, adorable formality. I've said it beforeI want to be a 3.1 girl.

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