Behold, dear followers, the last installment of Twee As Punk of the quarterthree EPs, after another failed attempt to play vinyl. I am a hopeless maneuverer of technologyeven old analog versions, and I neglected to realize a necessary, yet missing component, of the dear record player. But I'm not giving up. There's always next quarter. I can come back, in the new year, with new abilities but the same love for vinyl. In the mean time, starting with Lorelei (seen above), here is "Mostly...You":

1. "Mostly I Sleep" by Lorelei
2. "The Sky Is Falling" by Lorelei
3. "Caterwaul" by Lorelei
4. "Stale Houses" by Lorelei
5. "Tattoo" by Grass Widow
6. "Thirsty Again" by Grass Widow
7. "Lulu's Lips" by Grass Widow
8. "Black Hole" by Grass Widow
9. "A Is for Alphabet" by Razorcuts
10. "First Day" by Razorcuts
11. "Snowbound" by Razorcuts
12. "Sometimes I Worry About You (1984 Demo)" by Razorcuts
13. "For Always (1984 Demo)" by Razorcuts
14. "Sorry to Embarrass You" by Razorcuts

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