Albums listened to while making up for lost time away from this record player and stack of recently acquired records

Leonard Cohen's Songs of Leonard Cohen
Frank Sinatra's Strangers in the Night
David Bowie's Changes One
The Velvet Underground & Nico's The Velvet Underground & Nico
St. Vincent's Actor


Albums listened to while spending my last fall quarter day on campus and singing in the car on the voyage home

Menomena's Mines
Nirvana's Live at Reading
Sunset Rubdown's Dragonslayer
Twee As Punk mixtape
Here We Go Magic's Pigeons


Trove and Occupied

I have two humble, basically homemade publications available on MagCloud. The first, Trove, is a magazine of short fiction and poetry that I made a trial issue for as an assignment in a literary editing class, but I hope to produce more issues of Trove in the future as I have a great fondness for literary zines.

Occupied solely features the mixed media portfolio of drawings that I made in my advanced art class in high school.


Dylan Moran

For me his standup surpasses all other attempts.



Rachel Comey

I just want to wear her knits and coatsnavy, dark copper, and heather gray.

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Esopus Magazine

Never have I been so excited to get something in the mail. We need more intelligent, modern, resourceful publications like this.



Behold, dear followers, the last installment of Twee As Punk of the quarterthree EPs, after another failed attempt to play vinyl. I am a hopeless maneuverer of technologyeven old analog versions, and I neglected to realize a necessary, yet missing component, of the dear record player. But I'm not giving up. There's always next quarter. I can come back, in the new year, with new abilities but the same love for vinyl. In the mean time, starting with Lorelei (seen above), here is "Mostly...You":

1. "Mostly I Sleep" by Lorelei
2. "The Sky Is Falling" by Lorelei
3. "Caterwaul" by Lorelei
4. "Stale Houses" by Lorelei
5. "Tattoo" by Grass Widow
6. "Thirsty Again" by Grass Widow
7. "Lulu's Lips" by Grass Widow
8. "Black Hole" by Grass Widow
9. "A Is for Alphabet" by Razorcuts
10. "First Day" by Razorcuts
11. "Snowbound" by Razorcuts
12. "Sometimes I Worry About You (1984 Demo)" by Razorcuts
13. "For Always (1984 Demo)" by Razorcuts
14. "Sorry to Embarrass You" by Razorcuts


Twee As Punk

This week I'm daring to do what I did not last time. Twee As Punk will be trying out the ACRN record player, if at all possible, with some carefully kept, mostly twee, 45s. If that doesn't work or we run short on material, a few, albeit digital, EPs (seen above) will be at hand. It will be the first Twee As Punk experimentand the last episode of the quarter.

Albums listened to while forgetting it's a weekday and being slightly upset that the movie theater website falsely advertised an 11 am showing

Titus Andronicus' The Monitor
The Smiths' The Queen Is Dead
tUnE-yArDs' BiRd-BrAiNs
Sharon Van Etten's One Day (Single)

Can I at once proclaim my care for the first album of the day? The Monitor wreaks of rebellious intelligence and nasty debaucherysigns raised, fists ready, message shouted. It is a lengthy album, but each song keeps up uncorralled energy and scrabbling instrumentation, leaving you empowered but off-balance. Gosh it's so good.



In my previous post I didn't admit I am still listening to Villagers' record. This year several albums have been on repeat, and the rest of the year's releases have been ignored, or overlooked, by me. Conor is riveting.



Next week's installment of Twee As Punk will be the last until the new year as the quarter's end will see me home from Thanksgiving until then. Enjoy it while it lasts. The trusty Facebook page will fill in for those missing gaps, but this playlist is here for now19 short, vivid tracks, beginning with ones by Black Tambourine (seen above):

1. "By Tomorrow" by Black Tambourine
2. "Can't Explain" by Black Tambourine
3. "Drown" by Black Tambourine
4. "For Ex-Lovers Only" by Black Tambourine
5. "I Was Wrong" by Black Tambourine
6. "Pam's Tan" by Black Tambourine
7. "Tears of Joy" by Black Tambourine
8. "Wurlitzer Jukebox" by Young Marble Giants
9. "The Clock" by Young Marble Giants
10. "Constantly Changing" by Young Marble Giants
11. "Music for Evenings" by Young Marble Giants
12. "Radio Silents" by Young Marble Giants
13. "N.I.T.A." by Young Marble Giants
15. "Die Matrosen" by Liliput
16. "Madness" by Liliput
18. "Hitch-Hike" by Liliput
19. "Türk" by Liliput


Twee As Punk

For a few long minutes, I pondered playing my small collection of twee and post-punk 45s on this Friday's Twee As Punk, but the amount of dead air that would have resulted as I fumbled to flip 45s would have been chaotic and frustrating for all.

Instead, I will be revisiting the treasure that is the career-spanning compilationthe retrospective. Black Tambourine, Young Marble Giants, and Kleenex (seen above) will be the featured bands. This is a much better idea.


Mo Rocca

I will be seeing him do something tomorrow with Younger Finn. Speak, I supposeabout what, I have yet to find out.

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