And the playlisting begins, as the first installment of my new specialty show is completed. Here is what I played, the inaugural Twee As Punk playlist, "Indian...Ether," which started with Beat Happening (seen above):

1. "Indian Summer" by Beat Happening
2. "Words & Smiles" by Tiger Trap
3. "If You Need Someone" by The Field Mice
4. "I'm Alright with You" by The Pastels
5. "Big Pink Cake" by Razorcuts
6. "On My Mind" by The Flatmates
7. "Throw Aggi Off the Bridge" by Black Tambourine
9. "Disneyland" by The June Brides
10. "Falling and Laughing" by Orange Juice
11. "Lola" by The Raincoats
12. "Too Many Creeps" by Bush Tetras
13. "Now That You've Gone" by Delta 5
14. "Ether" by Gang of Four

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