Post-punk saved my mind. After a gruesome afternoon, a few ruckus, cumbersome songs can fix frayed wires. Tonight's installment of Twee As Punk is called "There's...Grapevine." That's that:

1. "There's Only One Thing Left to Say" by Velocity Girl
2. "Savoir Faire" by Family Fodder
3. "Love Song" by Au Pairs
4. "Oblivious" by Aztec Camera
5. "Beyond the Sea" by Glo-Worm
6. "Love at First Sight" by Half Japanese
7. "Searching for Mr. Right" by Young Marble Giants
8. "Winter '94" by Henry's Dress
9. "Just Too Bloody Stupid" by Close Lobsters
10. "Lovecraft" by The Vaselines
11. "Salvador Dali's Garden Party" by Television Personalities
13. "Gut of the Quantifier" by The Fall
14. "Ain't You" by Liliput

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