Proenza Schouler

As always, they present a wonderful collection, except the green clutch. And I do wish there were a little less clutter. I would like Jack and Lazaro to refine this naive palette and regain the youthful yet refined and textured New York style that secured my love for their aesthetic.

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Evening films

It is apparent I have been watching many, many films. That is the natural course my evenings take during a summer, otherwise only determined by intermittent internship hours at Jagjaguwar, Secretly Canadian, and Dead Oceans. Happily, once at home I close my door, turn off the lights, and watch films to whittle away the nights, a pattern that I still somehow consider productive as my "need to watch" film list is disappearing.

On another note, is it troubling that I find the carousel scene in Strangers on a Train quite comical? The rest of the film is much more terrifying and traditionally Hitchcock.


Evening films

Gene Kelly

Younger Finn posted this, and I had to do the same. Dreamy.


Read this:
Utterly charming and entertaining, this novel is, I daresay, a must-read for fans of rock. Lou Reed and Iggy Pop color these pages with gloriously daring and disgusting acts, and the fictionalized Neal Pollack is a pathetic and spectacular marvel, whom I wish existed. After reading this, rock criticism seems an especially worthy venture, but I do not think I am capable of such insight.

Reading this:
I have already finished Daisy Miller, and I have now started Washington Square. I was enthralled by A Turn of the Screw, and I had to explore what else James has written. In another time I would have been Catherine of Washington Square, but I may still be a version of her among modern-day situations.


Evening film


My first week in Bloomington was spent spending too much money on luxury itemsmusic being my main luxury item, besides books and affordable clothing. I am not a person who spends much money but when let loose in a friendly record store, I often spend beyond my comfortable means. Here are my first week's copious rewards, as I determined:


Louis Vuitton


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Twin Sister

They make songs that I listen to on repeat.


The letter e playlist

Gosh, I love playing songs for everyone, and I will miss being a DJ over the summer even though I will continue to be surrounded by music. I did not manage to cover all the letters of the indie alphabet this year, but maybe I will complete my task when the new school year begins. I hope to have a specialty show again next year, but as of yet I do not know if that show will be Indie ABCs. We will see. For now here is "Part...Guessing":

1. "Part of Me" by Electric Tickle Machine
2. "The Truth Is in the Dirt" by Karen Elson
3. "Doctor Blind" by Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton
4. "Gotta Get Smart" by El Perro del Mar
5. "Janglin" by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
6. "Doomsday" by Elvis Perkins In Dearland
7. "Life's Too Short" by Jeremy Enigk
8. "Cousins" by Effi Briest
9. "On My Mind" by Everything But The Girl
10. "Hey! It's Jimmy Mack" by Everybody Was In the French Resistance...Now!
11. "Bait and Switch" by Emily's Sassy Lime
12. "I'm Sorry, But I'm Beginning to Hate Your Face" by Eagle Seagull
13. "Second Guessing" by Eddy Current Suppression Ring

Stuart Murdoch

The new Art Rock post is also the last. It has been fun. And it is fitting that I finish with an illustration dedicated to one of my first favorite indie bands.

Vena Cava

More casual city girl fare, this time from Vena Cava. Summer dresses are all I want to wear, and they make detailed but wonderfully understyled ones.

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Indie ABCs


The last Indie ABCs of the quarter happens tonight, Friday, at 8pm on I will miss it during the summer weeks, but I shall be back in the fall with a show of some sort. Maybe I will continue unveiling the indie alphabet, as I have yet to cover all the letters. But tonight I cover one more letter, and that is e. Electric Tickle Machine, El Perro del Mar and Everything But the Girl will be there.


Zero + Maria Cornejo

Resort season brings simplified, casual clothes, which is the only style palette I truly love. And Maria always does that so well. Her clothes have a gorgeous energy that can evade simple clothes, but hers are fresh and lively. And the shoes are wonderful.

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Mo Rocca