The letter c playlist

Here you have it: "Claustrophobia...Fun," the newest Indie ABCs playlist. It seems this bunch is an obscure one because YouTube had few corresponding videos for these lovelies. But they are all available on iTunes, my friends. Buy them if you care to:

1. "Claustrophobia" by Choir of Young Believers
2. "Sun" by Caribou
3. "R.I.P. Burn Face" by CocoRosie
4. "Traveling Salesman's Young Wife Alone on Christmas in Montpelier, VT" by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
5. "Black Cloud" by Christmas Island
6. "I Never Happened" by Comet Gain
7. "I Wonder Who We Are" by The Clientele
8. "Ad Infinitum" by Andrew Cedermark
9. "Funeral Singers" by Califone
10. "Ink & Needles" by Diane Cluck
11. "The Nights Are Cold" by Camera Obscura
12. "Love Is a Wave" by Crystal Stilts
13. "Just Too Bloody Stupid" by Close Lobsters
14. "Any Fun" by Coconut Records

Best Coast

The new Art Rock is up. Let the sun shine in.


Indie ABCs


Bands on the new Indie ABCs will revolve around the letter c so expect the bands known as Choir of Young Believers, Caribou, Andrew Cedermark and a dozen more.

Friday at 8 pm on is the time and place to hear this music of which I speak.



The new Art Rock post shall be up soon. Interesting collaborations are involved.


The letter y playlist

Here it is: "Faster...One," the latest installment of the Indie ABCs playlist. Enjoy this carefully selected batch of y artists and their upbeat wares:

1. "Faster" by The Yolks
2. "Long, Long, Long" by Yim Yames
3. "Caught Wheel" by Your Twenties
4. "Heart Strings" by Yourself and The Air
5. "Laura Palmer's Prom" by You Say Party! We Say Die!
6. "Brides Song" by Yukon Blonde
7. "Culver City" by Yellow Fever
8. "Yes for Now" by Yes Please
9. "Searching for Mr. Right" by Young Marble Giants
10. "Psychic City (Voodoo City)" by YACHT
11. "Waiting for the D Train" by Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band
12. "The Tingling" by Yppah
13. "O.N.E. (Demo Version)" by Yeasayer


Indie ABCs


It is Friday and it is again time for Indie ABCs. The y edition will be available for your listening enjoyment tonight at 8 on

The Yolks, Yukon Blonde and Yellow Fever will be among the bands played. I promise a colorful showcase.


Evening films

Subversive '70s material this weekend, and I'm all the better for it. Harold and Maude is a true gem that I'll revisit many more times.


The letter h playlist

This week's Indie ABCs letter h playlist is "Girls...Collector." YouTube was particularly unfriendly to me while I compiled this list. More than a few songs were not to be found, but the rest are there to be heard once more:

1. "Girls FM" by Happy Birthday
2. "Hurricane J" by The Hold Steady
3. "Die Slow" by HEALTH
4. "Call an Ambulance" by Albert Hammond Jr.
5. "I Really Do Love Penelope" by Hey Paulette
6. "Black Hearted Love" by PJ Harvey & John Parish
7. "Hold Your Head High" by Heartless Bastards
8. "On Giving Up" by High Places
9. "Bradley Bear" by Holiday Shores
10. "Oh, Ramona" by Hospital Ships
11. "Love At First Sight" by Half Japanese
12. "Bad Attitude" by Hanoi Janes
13. "Winter '94" by Henry's Dress
14. "Collector" by Here We Go Magic


Take a gander at the new Art Rock for my latest watercolor portrait. She is an interesting lady, no doubt.

Book sale finds

Pillaging through rows of books in the early evening is a luxury I wish happened more often. I stopped by the book sale and picked up two books for two dollars each: Stella Adler's The Art of Acting and Soren Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling.

Serious reads for summer times.


Indie ABCs


Let's try this again.

Last week's Indie ABCs was canceled just minutes before air due to technical problems caused by power outages, but the letter h will not be ignored.

Tomorrow at 8 pm on, I will be playing all the bands I promised last week: The Hold Steady, Holiday Shores and Half Japanese.



The new Art Rock post will feature a man with a poignant, gorgeous voice. Listen to him sing "Fistful of Love" or Leonard Cohen's "If It Be Your Will" and be changed.

Indie ABCs


The letter h will be the focus of tomorrow night's Indie ABCs. At 8 pm on, I will be playing music from all the necessary letter h bands, including The Hold Steady, Holiday Shores and Half Japanese.

UPDATE: The show was cancelled on account of the Internet stream being down. I am disappointed. Next week I will return with the letter h so that these technical issues do not cramp the method to my madness. I do not want to neglect the letter h.


Chuck Close

His painting Linda, although in smaller form, can be found on my wall. I have seen it in person.


Henry's Dress

A taste of this week's Indie ABCs: