Black Tambourine

The letter a playlist

"Whispered...Dignitary" is the name of this playlist brought to you by the letter a and your friend at Indie ABCs. Please enjoy it:

1. "Whispered Words (Pretty Lies)" by Dan Auerbach
2. "Clips" by Ava Luna
4. "Truth Sets In" by Avi Buffalo
5. "All Unfolding" by Ah Holly Fam'ly
6. "River" by Akron/Family
7. "Mr. & Mrs. Everyone" by Eric Ayotte
8. "Bear" by The Antlers
9. "She Was a Vision" by Active Child
10. "Kiss My Name" by Antony and the Johnsons
11. "RR vs. D" by Au
12. "One Chord Wonders" by The Adverts
13. "Action Time Vision" by Alternative TV
14. "Dignified Dignitary" by The Apples in Stereo


This is the watercolor drawing for the new Art Rock post.


Indie ABCs


I hope you like the letter a (it is a useful vowel, is it not?) because tomorrow night's Indie ABCs will focus solely on bands whose names begin with it.

Friday, 8 pm, on is when and where the musical festivities begin. And Au, Avi Buffalo, Ava Luna and many more grade a bands' music will be around to keep us company.


Pippi Longstocking

Another memory from childhood:
This is why I am the way I am. It all makes sense now.

Constantly, I was renting the same Swedish Pippi Longstocking tapes from my local library, watching Pippi, Annika and Tommy as their mouths did not match up to the English words they were singingand as they ate salami sandwiches they called bologna sandwiches (not to mention their belief that this bed-balloon contraption could hold them for a trip to the Caribbean to rescue Pippi's father the pirate king. And it ultimately did).

It being a memory that I cannot and wish not to forget, I have the DVD collection.


Sunset Rubdown

I cannot stop listening to Dragonslayer, and I've had this problem for more than a few months now. I need this album on vinyl.




Daniel Rossen

Daniel Rossen, of Department of Eagles and Grizzly Bear, is the subject of the in-the-works post at Art Rock. He is one of my very favorite musicians. "Waves of Rye" is one of my very favorite songs.


The letter s playlist

I know I enjoyed the s edition--the latest installment of Indie ABCs--which has just ended. "Swim...Heart" is the playlist:

1. "Swim" by Surfer Blood
2. "C'mon" by The Soft Pack
3. "Despicable Dogs" by Small Black
4. "Limboat" by So Cow
6. "Go to Hell" by Scary Mansion
7. "Some Sweet Relief" by Speck Mountain
8. "Uniforms" by Shearwater
9. "Be Brave" by The Strange Boys
10. "Back to the Sea" by The Sandwitches
11. "Noel, Jonah and Me" by The Spinanes
12. "The Bed" by St. Vincent
13. "A Trip to NYC" by Sleeping States
15. "Idiot Heart" by Sunset Rubdown


Indie ABCs


Tomorrow night's Indie ABCs will happen at 8 pm on Many s artists will be played, and among them will be Small Black, Shearwater and The Strange Boys.

There are far too many s bands in this world, and I will only be covering a small portion, but it is a spectacular portion, I must tell you.


Record Store Day

Oh the vinyl bounty (If only my record player were here with me). First the special Record Store Day releases:

Peter Gabriel/Bon Iver split single (What I sought the most and picked up with quick fingers)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Skeleton" single (With the beautiful live version on the B side)
The Black Keys 12" single ("Howlin' For You" kills)
Now the other stuff I couldn't resist:

Teenage Fanclub early single
Black Tambourine album (I desired this so much and was ecstatic upon finding it)


The letter j playlist

It's "Go...Time." That's the name of the new Indie ABCs playlist. The j show has just ended and here is what remains:

1. "Go Do" by Jonsi
2. "Art Czars" by Japandroids
3. "She's the One" by Japanther
4. "Only If You Run" by Julian Plenti
5. "Gin and Platonic" by The Just Joans
6. "Heavy Days" by Jeff the Brotherhood
7. "I Saw It All" by Jacuzzi Boys
8. "I Learned the Hard Way" by Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
9. "Stay Monkey" by Julie Ruin
10. "Arkansas" by Damien Jurado
11. "My Life" by jj
12. "It Ain't Gonna Save Me" by Jay Reatard
13. "Disneyland" by The June Brides
14. "Ode to St. Valentine" by Calvin Johnson
15. "Some Things Last a Long Time" by Daniel Johnston

The Ramones

The Antlers

The new Art Rock involves this band.


Indie ABCs

Here's the poster:
And here's the info: It happens again tomorrow, Friday, at 8 pm on This week's Indie ABCs will concern the letter j, and you can expect to hear songs from Jonsi, Jeff the Brotherhood, Julie Ruin and more.


God bless Megafaun (and Sharon Van Etten, who tags along for the ride).


Volcano Choir

I wore my Volcano Choir button today. It brought me some Jagjaguwar luck.


The Magnetic Fields

I keep listening to this one. It might be the best and most romantic--in my terms of romance--love song I've ever heard.


The letter g playlist

"When...Able" is the name of the newest Indie ABCs playlist. Tonight's show focused on bands whose names start with the letter g, and the results are as follows. These are the songs that were played. Lots of fresh bands are on this list:

1. "When They Fight, They Fight" by The Generationals
2. "Cryin' Smoke" by Ganglians
3. "Tremel" by Glasser
4. "Dreamsucker" by Grooms
5. "Voyage" by Charlotte Gainsbourg
6. "Hide Me" by The Golden Filter
7. "RIP Static" by Gentle Friendly
8. "Lulu's Lips" by Grass Widow
10. "Beyond the Sea" by Glo-Worm
11. "Heavy Cross" by Gossip
12. "Lexicon Devil" by The Germs
13. "Way Down Below" by The Gruesomes
14. "Natural's Not In It" by Gang of Four
15. "Ready, Able (KCRW Session)" by Grizzly Bear

Corin Tucker

The new Art Rock post features Sleater-Kinney rock star Corin Tucker, who is working on a solo record. Her bandmates Janet Weiss and Carrie Brownstein have been up to all kinds of cool stuff, and now we can expect awesome stuff from Corin as well.


Indie ABCs


Tomorrow is Indie ABCs day, or Friday if you rather, and tomorrow's installment will rely on bands whose names begin with the letter g. The show will start at 8 pm on The playlist will include Ganglians, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Grass Widow and a dozen more wonderful artists.


I just finished reading this, for a second time (I love this cover but in no way do I see a connection between the book's themes and this version's cover).
Now I will revisit this, picking up where I left off when I last put it down--about half way through. Short stories are what I love and Dahl has written some odd beauties.


Vinyl records

I am getting very excited. If only I had not just returned from a lengthy break, then I would have insisted on venturing to Jerry's Records in Pittsburgh to browse for some delightful vinyl. I would really like to find:
But singles are what I really adore. Black Tambourine, Dolly Mixture, Delta 5, Marine Girls, The Only Ones, Razorcuts, The Replacements, Shop Assistants...and many more, it is obvious. I do not know how many new releases they may have, but that is not what I am want at the moment. I want some post-punk and power pop, above all else. That is where my heart frequently lies.

(I heard about this place from Andrea Inspired: a go-to source for coolness and cleverness).

Evening film



The letter n playlist

Indie ABCs has just ended, and here is the full list of songs that were just played. This playlist will now be called "Technicolor...Co." Have fun with these:

1. "Technicolor" by Nurses
2. "Crash Years" by The New Pornographers
3. "Big Bang" by The Nightgowns
4. "True to Life" by Nodzzz
5. "Bloodbuzz Ohio" by The National
6. "Curses Fired" by Natureboy
7. "I.B.D." by Scout Niblett
9. "Cynicism" by Nana Grizol
10. "My Door Is Always Open" by Noah and the Whale
11. "I Am a Girlfriend" by Nobunny
12. "The Secret Life" by New Bloods
13. "Hanging On the Telephone" by The Nerves
14. "Good Intentions Paving Co." by Joanna Newsom

Dum Dum Girls

A new Art Rock post is in the works and features this band on the rise.


Indie ABCs


Tonight's Indie ABCs should happen as per usual, but dear ACRN is having some technical difficulties at the moment. My Twitter has a link to listen in that is currently working, so take a gander if you planned on listening, tonight at 8 pm.

The letter n will be tonight's theme and the new single from The New Pornographers as well as songs from Nurses, The Nightgowns and many more will be played, so it should be fun, and as of now, it is still a go.