Geesh I love this band. I played their song "Big Pink Cake" on Indie ABCs last week, but I needed another taste of them today. Yum.


The letter r playlist

Another week's episode has just ended. And the next two weeks will be lacking in Indie ABCs due to finals and my school's allotted Spring Break. I promise Indie ABCs will return in the near future. In the meantime here is the last playlist of the quarter, entitled "Give...Radio":

1. "Give Blood" by Rain Machine
2. "Dying Is Fine" by Ra Ra Riot
3. "Goji Berries" by Rubik
4. "Cranberry" by The Ruby Suns
5. "Russia" by Ramona Falls
6. "Hide It Away" by Retribution Gospel Choir
7. "Nice Fox" by The Rosebuds
8. "Weekdays" by Red Pens
9. "Drain the Blood" by The Rural Alberta Advantage
10. "Younger Than Yesterday" by Real Estate
11. "Heaven's On Fire" by The Radio Dept.
12. "Big Pink Cake" by Razorcuts
13. "My Guarantee" by Rah Rah
14. "Teenarama" by The Records


Indie ABCs


Be sure not to miss tomorrow night's Indie ABCs, Friday at 8 pm on acrn.com. It is the last one of the quarter. Songs by the likes of Ramona Falls, Real Estate and Razorcuts will be played.

Any important bulletins concerning Indie ABCs will be found here soonafter. I am even considering ending my aversion to Twitter and starting a DJ Finn Finn account. I don't know. If I could befriend Stephen Fry, it may be worth it.

Louis Vuitton

I cannot deny that as I thumbed through this collection, I audibly wheezed. Marc Jacobs has once again reaffirmed my adoration of him. Clean faces, neat hair and curvy silhouettes: clothes made for me, I think. Still a hint of grunge in the fabrication, which is what I find most charming in his clothes. Even while this collection evokes an era when women dressed to impress at all hours and occasions, the colors are drab and unimpressive, which is exactly what I seek. A gorgeous, textural collection.

(Photos from style.com)


Stella McCartney


(Photos from style.com)

LCD Soundsystem

This is the watercolor drawing from the newest Art Rock post. I think I have gained the essence of James Murphy in this one.



Modern Industrial Revolution shapes from Phoebe Philo at Celine. Again, I cannot stress how glad I am that she is back. Flattering shapes with masculine tendencies and interesting fabrications: this is how I desire to dress on all occasions.

(Photos from style.com)

Evening films

High Anxiety


Isabel Marant

I love the clothes (except the gold foil skirt). I dislove the earrings and shoes.

(Photos from style.com)


The letter w playlist

The letter w has a bounty of lovely indie bands to behold. There are some real beauties on this week's Indie ABCs playlist, I must say. "October...Voices" is the Finn-given title of this list of songs:

1. "October Fires" by Wolf People
2. "Keep the Lights On" by Wave Machines
4. "Elephants" by Warpaint
5. "Kill Me Carolyne" by The Whigs
6. "Taking the Farm" by War on Drugs
7. "Black Rice" by Women
8. "My Heart (Deerhoof Remix)" by Wildbirds & Peacedrums
9. "Icarus" by White Hinterland
10. "Very Late" by White Magic
11. "Strawberry Cables" by The Wave Pictures
12. "Rain On" by Woods
13. "They're Winning" by The Walkmen
14. "I 2 X U" by Wire
15. "Quiet Little Voices" by We Were Promised Jetpacks


Indie ABCs


As scheduled and promised, another installment of Indie ABCs arrives tomorrow, Friday, at 8 in the evening. I will be seeking inspiration from the letter w, and Wolf People, Wildbirds & Peacedrums and We Were Promised Jetpacks are involved.

Dries Van Noten

Things I would wear right now, at this very moment. Those shoes are perfect. Dries makes dreamy daywear, I think.

(Photos from style.com)


Grandpa Potts

My childhood involved multiple--if not frequent--viewings of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and he (Lionel Jeffries) was the highlight.