Pretty colors and quintessentially Marni shapes. There is something about Marni that is so unique: chic, art-minded nerds who know what they like and refuse to buy new wardrobes each season.

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Evening film

Men in Tights


Dan Bejar

The subject of the new Art Rock post. He makes nice music for them and for them, all with his remarkable voice.

Wildbirds & Peacedrums


I didn't mention that I reviewed the new Shearwater album. It is worth mentioning because it is a wonderful album.

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Jil Sander

Wonderful boots and plaids that are quite pleasing. I am a neutralist by nature, but patterns look good here.

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The letter l playlist

Here are the songs I collected for Indie ABCs' latest installment. This playlist will be called "There...Die." Don't take offense. There is a method to this naming madness:

1. "There Are Listed Buildings" by Los Campesinos!
2. "Last Choice" by Love Is All
3. "Hanging High" by Lykke Li
4. "Your Arms Around Me" by Jens Lekman
5. "Antonia Jane" by Lightning Dust
6. "There's Nothing Underwater" by Lightspeed Champion
7. "Stars" by The Love Language
8. "Some Are Lakes" by Land of Talk
9. "Beach Town" by Le Loup
10. "Sun Hands" by Local Natives
11. "White Dress" by Liechtenstein
12. "Ain't You" by Liliput
13. "Scissor" by Liars
14. "Rain On Lake I'm Swimming In" by Lightning Bolt
15. "Even Heroes Have to Die" by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists


Bookworms, soda shop girls and Hitchcock's heroines, I think. I love Prada's crazy knit outfits and tiny patent bows.

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Indie ABCs


The letter l this week on Indie ABCs, I have decided. Lightning Dust, Lightspeed Champion and Liliput will be included in the mix. Remember: ACRN, Friday evening at 8.


Rufus Wainwright

The new Art Rock post (rather weakly) illustrates my music icon. He's just too handsome to draw. I think I was intimidated.


Evening films

I'm still in the midst of my quest to see all of Woody Allen's pictures, but I also added a helping of Mel Brooks.


The letter d playlist

The playlist of the night. "Fables...Rye" is the newest collection of songs from Indie ABCs:

1. "Fables" by Dodos
2. "People C'mon" by Delta Spirit
3. "Hands" by The Dutchess and the Duke
5. "Jail La La" by Dum Dum Girls
6. "I Don't Know What to Say" by Dear Nora
7. "Eviction Party" by Darlings
8. "Pink Sabbath" by Dananananaykroyd
11. "Ascending Melody" by Dirty Projectors
12. "Wet Wings" by Dan Deacon
13. "Black and White" by The dB's
14. "The Beach" by Dr. Dog
15. "Waves of Rye" by Department of Eagles


Indie ABCs


Tomorrow night's Indie ABCs will occur, as per usual, on ACRN at 8. The letter d will be the focus, and Deerhunter, Department of Eagles and Delta 5 will be represented in song form.

Proenza Schouler

Some gorgeous pieces but I'm not satisfied with the hipster nightlife spin that many of their looks are continuing to represent. The above looks, however, are delightfully bookish and luxe.

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Joy resurfaces at Rodarte after too much darkness.

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Simon and Garfunkel

They will always be one of my favorites.

Marc Jacobs

The Marc I love: baggy, neutral, nerdy femininity that is slightly awkward and really cozy.

This hearkens back to my favorite collection of all time: Marc Jacobs Fall 2006 Ready-to-Wear.

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Alexander Wang

Not a true fan of his aesthetic, but I am attracted to these pieces, probably because they are gray.

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3.1 Phillip Lim

Cool clothes in cool colors.

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Vena Cava

A touch of dark, muted 70s glamour from Vena Cava.

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Orson Welles

Need not say more.

Rag & Bone

More lovely grunginess: knee socks, sweaters, and boots at Rag & Bone.

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Festival lineups

The new Art Rock post illustrates the upcoming music festival season.