Edward Gorey

The last days of my lovely calendar.


Copenhagen style

Girls in Copenhagen dress well, as seen here and here and here.


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

The only movie that ever mattered in my childhood. The movie that I've seen more than any other. "Cheer Up Charlie," however, annoys me more than any other song. Make it stop. The rest of the movie is perfect.


Charlotte Gainsbourg

Yet another musician portrait of mine, which can be found here. I am in love with Charlotte's new song, "IRM." Listen to her talk--in French--about her new album of the same name here.

Okkervil River

Plus Dante's Divine Comedy and an accordionist makes for a winning concert tee.

Dirty Projectors

Vocal beauty.


Lykke Li and El Perro del Mar

This is good pop music. Lykke and Sarah sound great together.


Resort, which came prior to the fall/winter collection. But why not wear these during the fall/winter? I don't believe in seasonal clothes. Layer, I say, and all will be well.

(Photos from style.com)

Rufus Wainwright

My musical icon's Want One album ranked as #16 on Paste's "50 Best Albums of the Decade" list, to my surprise but also to my delight. "Oh What a World" is one of my favorite opening tracks. And what an album cover. He is darn delightful and mighty talented.


Book sale finds

Charlie Chaplin
Harold Lloyd
Buster Keaton
Shirley Temple