Christopher Kane

In the midst of the chaotic color and whimsy of London Fashion Week, I found a stellar collection. Christopher Kane's grungy combination of sheer frocks and loosely lying cardigans impressed me. He cut through the anarchy of London style with the simplicity of his looks.

A brown plaid professor's cardigan cutely covered one of his apron-like, ribbon-striped dresses. Finishing it with flat ankle boots assured me that I am not the only girl who appreciates an androgynous, yet refined, palette.

A second apron-like dress, but this one done in nude with a black, curvy line pattern and a black-overlayed origami bodice, trapped my attention. How I wish to wear this dress on a shadowed stage while banging on my keyboard. I've found the dress. Now all I have to do is learn to play the keyboard.

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Proenza Schouler

New York Fashion Week was satisfying enough. Marc displayed raging neons, Francisco made gorgeous velvet mary-janes and the Rag & Bone boys presented their appealing androgynous cuts in pretty shades of chambray, but it was Jack and Lazaro who managed to fulfill my desires for this season's seasoning.

From the first look of the Proenza Schouler show, I was hooked. The black and tan coat, with the tight frame and the loose sleeves, managed to make heavy fabrication look feminine. But it was the seventh look that lured me: that one-button jacket, with the cigarette shorts and turtleneck sweater, each in a heathered neutral color, layered over textured black tights. And those boots. Those crushed black leather, lace-up ankle boots with almost white wood soles shocked me. It is an aggressively alluring shoe that teeters on the tiptoe between masculine and feminine.

Although Jack and Lazaro are consistently impressive designers, their work is best suited for the fall season. Their clothes rely on sturdy coats, distinct layers and deep colors. Their ability to manipulate luxurious fabrics into youthful, seductive shapes is their strength.

For the Fall 2009 season, they managed to bait me with their evolving impression of a clever and creative girl's wardrobe. I cannot help but want to see more.

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The Velvets for Valentine's

My free souvenir from the Times New Viking concert at the Wexner Center on Valentine's Day.